IRS & California Taxpayer Relief & Representation

Has the IRS placed a lien on your property? Have the Franchise Tax Board or Board of Equalization levied your bank accounts? You do not need to be a victim of their aggressive collection tactics! We can help you fight back!

Your situation is unique, and it is based on your particular facts and circumstances. We take the time to thoroughly analyze your tax liabilities and your current economic state, and find your best, non-bankruptcy solution. Solutions could include:

No matter which option is best for you, we always have the ability to challenge the tax authorities’ assessments because they are not perfect and even the IRS makes a lot of mistakes.

To understand more about your options, click on the links to the right of this screen. Our website is always under construction, and just because you don’t see a possible option on our menu does not mean that we won’t offer that option and won’t have more information in the future.

We are ready to help you solve your IRS and state tax problems. For quick help give us a call at (408) 459-8427.