Contesting Tax Assessments

There is a little known fact to the general public: the IRS and the California state tax authorities make mistakes. In fact, they make a lot of mistakes. Some of those mistakes are genuine misunderstandings by the tax authorities or by the person who prepared your tax return. And some of those mistakes are due to the tax authorities making overly aggressive assessments based on limited information available to them which they interpret as bad behavior on your part.

All IRS and state tax representation matters begin the same way: we thoroughly scrutinize the tax authorities’ assessment of your deficiency. After collecting your information we order your tax transcripts from the tax authorities, we collect necessary information from you, and we assess how accurate the tax authorities were. Armed with facts and evidence, we then advocate for you via letters and phone calls with tax authorities.

The other little known fact about the IRS and California state tax authorities is that they are generally willing to admit their mistakes and errors, and revise their assessment to reflect reality. And if they don’t? Then we can still challenge their errors and mistakes with administrative appeals, and, if necessary, lawsuits in federal district court, the U.S. Court, or the California Superior Court.

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